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Blue Ribbon Conferences

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops equip you for excellence, performance and positive change.

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School Assessments

A Blueprint for Excellence can help your school determine how well it is doing in nine areas of critical performance.

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Our knowledge. Your benefit.

The nine major categories of critical performance in excellent schools.

  • Student Focus and Support
  • School Organization and Culture
  • Challenging Standards and Curriculum
  • Active Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Integration
  • Professional Community
  • Leadership and Educational Vitality
  • School, Family, and Community Partnerships
  • Indicators of Success

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The Blueprint for Excellence Assessment provides a variety of stakeholder reports for improvement for any school at any level. As we continuously improve our assessment, the ABCpdf tool has proved to be a reliable solution that can produce richly-formatted, secure reports for the educational community. Our school communities certainly appreciate it!



What Blue Ribbon Schools are Saying.

Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence make a difference.
Read what people are saying about our program and how it has impacted their school.

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"Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence quite simply provides the most effective and comprehensive tool for school improvement. And in doing so, empowers and guides each school community to create its own blueprint for continuously reaching new goals."

Craig Martin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching at Reading Public Schools - Reading,MA

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