2018 Accepted Conference Presentations     

Listed below is a sample of presentations scheduled.  Check back often for updated information.

Saraland Elementary School, AL - Learn how a Title 1 elementary school was one of three schools in the nation named as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and a Title 1 Distinguished School in the 2017-2018 school year! Participants will learn how the focus on shared ownership of data between faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community resulted in outstanding student achievement. School administrators will share how to create and sustain a school culture focused on relationships, safety, and fun within the context of high expectations for all students. Come see why learning can be AWESOME  (as featured on CNN Headline News).

The educators at Hartman Elementary, TX are aware of the constant challenges of providing quality instruction in the classroom setting. Because each student requires differentiated instruction based on current abilities, the educators provide small group community-based coaching that adheres to the needs of the students. Teacher support is provided with push-in assistance to ensure that each student is offered scaffolding opportunities to close achievement gaps identified in the response-to-intervention process. The schedule at Hartman Elementary allows for a built-in intervention block each day, which is designated to serve students both above and below their projected learning goals. All rotation classes at Hartman actively support and reinforce core academic concepts, essential knowledge, and skills.

Ruth Clark Elementary School, KS has taken the best elements of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, Capturing Kids Hearts, and Energy Leadership to create a culture of mutual respect. The results have been phenomenal! Office discipline referrals are way down, staff retention rates are way up, and the school has an extremely positive energy. Attendees will learn how to combine these elements with fidelity in order to replicate the results back home.

Valle Verde Early College High School, TX has achieved college access success by incorporating lessons and activities in various classes. Our unique approach has helped our students gain admissions to highly-selective universities and earn competitive national scholarships, along with contributing to our school’s ranking as a top high school in both U.S. News and World Report and Newsweek magazines. We will explain our inter-disciplinary plan, demonstrate specific lesson plans, and give participants our calendar and parent contact strategies to help them achieve success with the FAFSA application, scholarships, college applications and essays, and with interpreting their award letter. Though our school-wide plan, our entire faculty plays a role in each student’s college preparedness, access, and success.

Creating a successful data-driven school culture involves all stakeholders analyzing and evaluating student data to maximize student performance. Though data should not be the only criteria to measure student performance, data is a useful tool to guide and plan individualized instruction to meet the needs of even the most diverse learner. In this presentation, Chocowinity Primary School, NC will show how they have actively involved teachers, students, and parents in utilizing teacher and student data. Come see us to get an overview of how to track student data throughout the year in order to help students set obtainable goals for ultimate success.

The “House” concept at Delaware Hayes High School, OH has helped transform our large school into a personalized, vibrant, and connected place for students, staff, parents and community. As we complete year three together, “House” has provided multiple opportunities for mentorship, leadership, intervention, competition, inclusion, connection and a positive school culture. “House” provides a chance for all students to be part of something special as they enter high school and provides an opportunity to build long lasting relationships throughout their high school years and beyond. We look forward to sharing our successes with you!

“This is the first time I have ever been on a team and I feel like everyone wants me.”
-Kyle, Special Needs 11th grader
“I have built friendships with students that I would have never even talk to if it wasn’t for House.”
-Kat, 12th grader
“House has made me love being a teacher and makes me want to continue in this great profession.”
-Josh, Math Teacher

Whitemarsh Elementary School, PA.  Why Do We Need Sensory Space in the Schools? Children in the primary grades learn well through play, multi-sensory experiences, modeling, and positive practice. The therapy/sensory room provides support for all students, including those with vision difficulties, emotional disturbances, autism, sensory integration problems, focusing challenges, and any student needing a safe, quiet room to calm their body. After visiting the therapy/sensory room children are better prepared to learn and interact with others. Zones of Regulation and the development of a program and protocol for how staff should use and maintain the room will be discussed as well as the importance of training staff.

John Allen Elementary, MI, is a PreK-5th grade Title 1 building in Michigan. Our school has a significant amount of at-risk youth, as well as a very diverse population. The school year of 2016-17 brought a catastrophic building flood in August, just days before school was to begin for the year. We lost so much in supplies, furniture, and our building was not inhabitable for 8 months. We had to rent an empty building. We had to move twice in one year.  In 2017, we were named a National Blue Ribbon School. We were not looking for this award. We were not striving to be given such an honor. We were doing our work, educating and growing children. Principal Kerry Beal shares her perspective, experience, trials and tribulations, on the path that took a Michigan Focus School (a school that needed to close the achievement gap) to being a Michigan Reward School (top performing), to being named an Academic Champ School, the 2016 DTE School of the Year, and to being named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School.

Barrington Middle School, RIAre you interested in transforming all or parts of your school or system? Does your current reality match your vision for success for all students? Presenters will use a detailed description of the processes and change management steps they engaged in to move instructional practices from surface learning to deeper learning. Through this workshop, participants will gain the skills and the toolbox necessary to create a Theory of Action to move their school or district. Processes will include Analysis of Current Reality, 5 Why Root Cause Assessment, Stakeholder and Partnership Audit, Developing a Sense of Urgency, Updating Mission to Align to Vision, and Improvement Sciences Strategies including Plan Do Study Act and Plus Minus Delta.  

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