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As educators we learn different ways from different sources. Sometimes we learn by sitting in a classroom while attending a workshop or conference, while other times we learn from real life experiences and situations we encounter in our work place.
Sometimes the best way to learn is when we listen to the successes of other educators in our field. These best practice experiences provide us with a short cut to learn at a faster pace because others have gone before figuring things out on our behalf.
A great story like this is from Kerry Gallagher from Reading, MA. We can learn a lot from her student-driven pilot she ran last year.

Raising (e)Readers? Three Things To Keep in Mind When Reading Goes Digital in Early Childhood

"Don't eat the book Emmett!" my 3-year-old son Miles exclaimed as his baby brother brought "Peek-a-Who?" towards his open mouth.

I reminded Miles that babies explore the world with their mouths. With an exasperated but knowing look at me that said "Silly babies," Miles settled in next to me for his bedtime story while Emmett enjoyed chewing on his board book.

We've known for a long time that raising readers starts early. Many pediatric clinics now hand out free books at well-baby appointments and organizations across the country are dedicated solely to the task of encouraging parents to read to their children.

Reading and yes, even eating, books puts the youngest among us on the path towards literacy.

But children today are born into a brave new digital world. How we consume, share, and tell stories is changing quickly, and children's books are not immune to the digital revolution.

Engaging Students Through Entertainment Technology

At Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence we always strive to provide educators with valuable resources that will help their schools become better and more effective. In working with schools all around the country we’ve experienced countless success stories that provide us with some amazing information to overcome specific obstacles that we may encounter in our schools.

One great example of this is the story of Huntsville Middle School where they learned to engage student through Entertainment Technology. There is so much to learn from their experience that we thought it would be great to share their best practices with you.

Below you’ll find a best practices outline of what Aaron King, principle of Huntsville Middle School, has found out as they embarked on a journey to engage students in an area that was new to them. 

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