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Within a 40 day process, Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence can provide a school with data on their strengths and weaknesses in nine critical areas of school performance.
This data is based upon feedback from students, parents, teachers,administrators, and support staff. Within that same 40 day process, BRSE can get a school started on the path to improvement by delivering a Blueprint for Excellence Plan that provides strategies for overcoming deficiencies and connects the school with leaders from other schools who have a proven track record in the target school’s area of weakness.
Through its ongoing network of regional workshops and and national conferences, BRSE provides a structure for continuous improvement and a means to celebrate and reward success.

BRS Assessment & Lighthouse Award Process

Carefully Read and Follow These Instructions

  1. The school submits a letter of interest that provides specific information (see information below).
  2. The school administration completes an online demographic description of the school.
  3. The school completes the online assessment tool. Building level administrators, certified staff members, support staff members, a sample of students, and a sample of parents and community stakeholders participate.
    • The validity and reliability of the process depends on honest responses from the entire school community.
    • The assessment is designed to assure completely confidential data collection. Individual responses are not tracked or reported -- only group responses.
    • The assessment can be completed in as little as one day, depending on the scheduling of your respondents.
  4. Once all the data are compiled, experts at Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc., prepare a final report that cites areas of success and areas in need of improvement, as reported by the school community. The report is reviewed in complete detail with the school and/or district administrators and includes:
    • Demographics Report
    • School Strengths Report
    • No Consensus Report
    • Critical Areas Report
    • Action Plan Report
    • Student Grade Level Report
    • Total Accumulation of Data Report
    • Lighthouse Eligibility Schematic
  5. A site visitor comes to the school to validate the results by reviewing data, meeting with school representatives, and observing classrooms.
  6. An additional site visit may be conducted, if needed, to validate improvement gains suggested by the assessment.
  7. The school may decide to develop an improvement plan with assistance from representatives of Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc.


Make sure to provide the following:

  • Description of the School
  • Statement of Need
  • Notate Commitment to Submit 3 Best Practices
  • Preferred Onsite Dates
  • Notate the Understanding of Cost

Our Blueprint for Excellence Team will contact you regarding the status of your grant and final invoice. Be prepared to discuss the next steps to secure the Blueprint for Excellence Assessment.

Step 1: Online Letter of Interest
Step 2: Organize Online Assessment for Educational Community
Step 3: Organize the Two-Day Onsite Validation
Step 4: Exit Summary w/ Coaching & Follow-up



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