Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce a new school assessment tool that will enable school leaders to get feedback from stakeholders in nine areas of school success using a quick, inexpensive, process. This easy system includes an anonymous, online assessment of students, teachers, parents, administrators and support staff. The tool can be used with any computer or mobile device and is appropriate for student input from grades 4 on up.

Results from the school assessment will be returned within 5 days of closing the survey and will identify school strengths, opportunities for school improvement, and differences between stakeholder groups. This tool is great for grant pre- and post-tests or for measuring the impact of schoolwide interventions and initiatives.

Based on Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence’s proven school assessment and recognition program, this LITE assessment allows administrators to target areas of improvement, measure growth over time, and communicate with community stakeholders about the culture and learning and teaching environment within the schools. Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?


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