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The Blueprint for Excellence

A Blueprint for Excellence can help your school determine how well it is doing in nine areas of critical performance that research shows leads to educational excellence. This comprehensive school assessment can guide the creation of a school-wide action plan that includes measurable student achievement.

The Blueprint for Excellence is the brainchild of Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Inc., an organization of seasoned education professionals with many years of experience in identifying schools of excellence. These individuals have dedicated their lives to immersing themselves in the finest quality research on school excellence.

Their understanding of the components that accumulate to form a first-class, high performing school has led them to create a challenging, online self evaluation tool that schools can use to compare their practices to the very best -- to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The process takes stock of the quality of a school's academic programs and assists the school in developing a school-wide action plan to ensure measurable student achievement.

The nine major categories of critical performance in excellent schools.

  • Student Focus and Support
  • School Organization and Culture
  • Challenging Standards and Curriculum
  • Active Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Integration
  • Professional Community
  • Leadership and Educational Vitality
  • School, Family, and Community Partnerships
  • Indicators of Success

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