Course Number: SOC 522
Course Title: Best Practices, Critical Analysis, and A Call to Action

Course Instructor: Kevin Cutler

Session Schedule:  Online Cohort

Course Description:

Culture has been loosely, but effectively defined as “The way we do things around here.”  Some aspects of school culture are historically embedded into all schools while others are specific and intrinsic to the setting and the people that inhabit the building.

There are aspects to every culture that are effective and, in some instances, some that inhibit positivity.

This course will facilitate understanding in participants of how organization shapes culture and how cultures shape organizations.  Participants will also gain a deep understanding of the differences between culture and climate and how each affect the other.

Finally, students will learn best practices for assessing their current culture and climate and how to position themselves, their team and their school to effectively transform their culture in an explicit and intentional fashion.

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