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As an educator, you rarely get the chance to step outside your classroom or office and focus on your own professional development. When you do, make it count! Blue Ribbon Academy is a unique program designed to kick-start your professional growth and help you revolutionize your organization.

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Course Number: LDR 551
Course Title: Using Data to Fulfill Your School's Vision of Excellence

Course Instructor: David Franklin

Course Description:

Dynamic  leadership  engages  the  school  and  community  in  continuous  school  improvement  focused  on  student  learning  and  based  on  vision,  data,  knowledge  of  research,  effective  practice,  and  continuous  monitoring  and  assessment  that  have  resulted  in  high  levels  of  student  achievement  and  implementation  of  comprehensive  plans  to  meet  current  and  future  challenges.    Leadership  is  developed  and  shared  among  administrators,  teachers,  parents,  staff  and  students.  

Course Objectives 

Knowledge: The participant will be able to: 

a. understand how to create an environment of a shared vision of education 

b. understand data-driven decision making 

c. design a Response to Intervention Model of school improvement 

d. identify research-based instructional and student monitoring processes 


Skills: The participant will be able to: 

a. demonstrate decision making based on consensus 

b. evaluate instruction and school programs 

c. effectively monitor instructional programs and assessments 

d. identify areas of instructional and program needs 

e. design a Response to Intervention Model of school improvement 


Professional Attitudes: The participant will be able to: 

a. appreciate the dynamics of working with all stakeholders 

b. acknowledge the need to utilize data 

c. acknowledge the need for systematic approaches to data driven decision making 

d. understand the importance of assessment to the improvement of schooling 

e. understand the necessity of research-based instructional practices 

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