Course Number: ATL 541
Course Title: Hinge Points & Impacts- Creating Active Teaching and Learning in the Classroom

Course Instructor:  Stacy Barnette

Course Session:  Saturday, 10 - 12 Noon CST

Course Description:

This course is designed to create a framework for your understanding of active instructional strategies and their efficacy in the classroom. Participants will become responsive and reflective teachers. Participants will model a variety of active learning strategies through cooperative learning, interactive lecturing, discussion, critical thinking, and role-playing. Participants will also facilitate discussions addressing educational practice and theory. The course is based and links to previously acquired knowledge in learning theories and evidence-based teaching. Participants will learn to apply effective strategies that stimulate critical thinking and creativity and promote cooperative learning. By combining action and analysis, participants will explore and develop teaching strategies that promote learning within a diverse student body across a variety of settings. Expect to be challenged, to explore assumptions, and to think creatively. Expect to gain an understanding of the importance of reflective teaching practice.

This course will provide opportunity to analyze and improve each participant’s knowledge, skills and professional attitudes regarding active teaching and learning.

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