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Role of the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence (BRSE) Program in the comprehensive school reform movement.

The BRSE Program is a comprehensive school self-assessment experience utilizing the Blueprint for Excellence with guidance and support from Blue Ribbon Recognized School Educators. The program assists all schools, with a special focus on low socioeconomic, culturally diverse, and low performing communities of learning in assessing the quality of their academic and instructional programs and in developing a school-wide action plan to ensure measurable student achievement. Additionally, BRSE supports effective comprehensive school reform through the development and implementation of a web-based Interactive Library of Best Practices, K-12. The BRSE Program develops and supports educational policies that improve student performance and enable comprehensive school reform. BRSE also provides a network of educators from nationally recognized Blue Ribbon Schools, as well as researchers, business leaders, philanthropists and government officials, which allows these individuals to exchange information and ideas.

The BRSE reform differs from earlier efforts to improve schools.

The BRSE reform effort is very different from earlier reform programs because it utilizes a non-invasive, non-threatening approach to improvement, encompasses the entire learning community, gathers and shares best practices from high performing schools, and includes continuous guidance and support. The BRSE Blueprint for Excellence, designed for replication, is modeled after the United States Department of Education Blue Ribbon Schools Program. The Blueprint for Excellence criteria are the result of over 20 years of research about what it takes to become a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The Blueprint for Excellence is a positive, collaborative school reform process designed to further school improvement.

The BRSE provides personalized services to schools based on their unique needs.

The BRSE program employs educators from nationally recognized Blue Ribbon Schools to provide guidance for the principal, school staff, parents, and community members. These educators assist the school community in identifying key academic and instructional strengths and weaknesses of their school and elicit positive motivation needed for the school community. This enables the school community to initiate and implement a school-wide action plan for improving their academic and instructional program to ensure measurable academic achievement for all students.

The BRSE Program provides each school with personalized instruction on how to complete a comprehensive self-assessment using the Blueprint for Excellence self-assessment instrument. This is followed by a site visit from the BRSE team who validates the school's self-assessment. The results of the self-assessment and site visit are analyzed by the school's leadership team and the BRSE team to develop an individualized action plan to meet the particular needs of the school. Additional services may be provided that include a professional development support program by our university centers and /or the Blue Ribbon team.

The BRSE assists schools in achieving success for all students.

Schools using the BRSE design can be assured they will be assessing the quality of their school program with an in-depth support system and a solid research base.

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