Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence National Conference


Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence National Conference brings educators together for peer-to-peer learning, instructional teaching from influencers in education, interactive discussions and more. This professional development opportunity includes power-packed programming, where educators collaborate and exchange best practices, learn about new tools and resources and hear from leading experts.

Designed to complement the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Assessment Process, the Conference is organized into 9 areas of critical school success.  Whether attending in conjunction with the School Assessment Process or participating as part of your individual professional development, this conference will enhance your effectiveness as a teacher or administrator and will give you tools for the classroom and the boardroom.

Building a Collaborative Community
Your job is unique. Build relationships that will support you for years to come. The Conference is a catalyst for ongoing training and collaboration that extend beyond the week in Orlando.  Opportunities to meet face-to-face with experts in the field such as Jayne Ellspermann, NASSP's Principal of the Year, and other nationally recognized teachers and administrators are a highlight of the event.

Well-Balanced Curriculum
The Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence National Conference is designed to complement the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence School Assessment Process. It is organized around nine areas of critical performance that research shows leads to educational excellence.

The nine critical areas are:

  • Student Focus and Support
  • School Organization and Culture
  • Challenging Standards and Curriculum
  • Active Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Integration
  • Professional Community
  • Leadership and Educational Vitality
  • School, Family, and Community Partnerships
  • Indicators of Success

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